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About Us

Team Dog – German Dog Training & Walking

Dogs always played an important role in my life and it has been my dream to work with dogs. I have a sincere passion for animals, esp. dogs and believe that all animals must be treated with respect.

I was born and raised in Germany where dogs are "a man's best friend". In Germany dogs are allowed on public transportation, in restaurants, malls, etc – so it is imperative that dogs are trained to behave and socialize well with other canines and humans. The majority of German dog owners provide a disciplined and structured surrounding for their dogs that still allow the dog to make its own decisions in a fun environment. I have over 15 years of dog training experience in Germany that I acquired through courses and was passed over generations in my family.

In my opinion, the pinnacle of dog training is "Mushing" - the dog sledding sport. Each dog sled team has a clear structure, focus, leadership and one unified goal. The human plays an equally important part in each team and is able to communicate with the dogs effortlessly. As in any high-level sport the basics can be applied for every dog owner, for example a simple clear communication between human and dog can be adapted. I'm a certified musher from a leading dog sledding school in Germany and use the acquired skills in my dog training.

Team Dog – German Dog Training & Walking
Team Dog – German Dog Training & Walking