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Dog Training

Team Dog – German Dog Training & Walking

Philosophy / Approach

No matter if you just want to teach your dog basic commands like "Sitz", "Platz" or "Fuss" or need help with behavior problems we can help.

All dogs can be rehabilitated. The objective is to master the skills of instant communication between dog and human.

We believe that dogs, besides food and love, need structure and need to know their duty and their position in the pack. In a dog's mind a structured pack that also includes the owner, provides a nourishing environment where each dog can fulfill its full potential.

Our approach is motivational, positive enforcement as well as reward based training. We emphasize on simple, easy communication from human to dog.

Our goal is to have humans live happily and stress-free with their well balanced and fulfilled dogs.

Team Dog – German Dog Training & Walking
Team Dog – German Dog Training & Walking

Problem Dogs

Dogs don't know that they are behaving badly. They believe that what they are doing (barking or worst case biting) is appropriate behavior to protect their pack. Usually the issue is that humans do not provide clear boundaries and communicate expectations to the dog.

We specialize in all "common problems" like: leash walking, aggression against other dogs or humans, insecure behavior, dominant behavior, separation anxiety & more. Our therapy goal is to treat negative behavior with positive reinforcement, patience and leadership.

To evaluate your dog we will come to your home, or desired location, and determine the areas that need improvement.